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*VIDEO* M365 May: Content Types Are Not Dead!

Contrary to the belief of some, content types still serve a vital role in defining the information architecture of your SharePoint environment. If you don’t believe me, watch this video and I’ll happily convince you! During this session, delivered as part of Microsoft 365…

*VIDEO* Hide SharePoint List & Library Columns Using Permissions

A question we often get asked on our SharePoint courses, is “How do I restrict user permissions to certain columns of a list?” Within this video, we will first determine that (at the time of publishing this video) there’s technically no out-of-the-box option to…

*VIDEO* Adding a Content Type’s Metadata into its Document Template

In this video, we demonstrate how we can add a Content Type’s metadata columns into its document template. The benefit of this is to improve end user efficiency, by ensuring that the information entered into the document doesn’t also then have to be populated…

*TIPS & TRICKS* Accessing “Hidden” SharePoint Settings Pages

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Microsoft recently released their new “Communication” sites, which are available for selection when using the self-service site creation option via SharePoint Home (clicking “Create Site” on the page where you view sites you’re following, recently accessed, etc.). Unlike most other site templates, you’re NOT…

*VIDEO* Converting a Team Site into a Publishing Site

convert team site to publishing slide

There are often situations in SharePoint when a site is simply based on the incorrect template for your requirements, such as the pre-created team site in the root site of your SharePoint Online root site collection in Office 365 – most organisation want to…

*VIDEO* Filter SharePoint List or Library by Current User’s Department

User adoption is vital when implementing a tool such as SharePoint – if no-one wants to use it, what’s the point in it?! This video is demonstrates the process of using the Current User Filter web part on a SharePoint page to filter a…

SPRING SALE! 30% off ALL SharePoint, Nintex & LiveTiles Courses!

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Spring is such a beautiful time of year… the days are getting warmer and longer, the smell of BBQs hangs on the breeze, and it puts the team at 3grow in a great mood. Which is why we’ve decided to offer a HUGE 30%…

‘SharePoint Saturday’ Hong Kong!

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‘SharePoint Saturday’ – also rebranded as ‘Office 365 Saturday’ in some regions – is a series of free, community-focused events, dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local technical community… and Hong Kong will host its first ever SPS event on 27 August!…

Adding jQuery or Google Analytics to all SharePoint Pages

There are many way to achieve this, and one that is most obvious to developers is modifying the master pages or page layouts.  This would work perfectly fine, but a ‘cleaner’ (and Microsoft recommended) way would be to use Delegate Controls. This allows mark-up…

SharePoint Lists vs. Excel Tables

Simply put, and contrary to popular belief, Excel is not designed
for storing tables of data!

Excel is a spreadsheeting tool, intended for data analysis.
Do you know what IS designed for storing tables of data?
And SharePoint lists! Which are essentially database tables