*VIDEO* Hide SharePoint List & Library Columns Using Permissions

VIDEO* Hide SharePoint List & Library Columns Using Permissions

A question we often get asked on our SharePoint courses, is “How do I restrict user permissions to certain columns of a list?”

Within this video, we will first determine that (at the time of publishing this video) there’s technically no out-of-the-box option to hide certain columns – we can easily set permissions at a document or list item level (although that’s only recommended in unique scenarios), however not at the column level.

We will then demonstrate a clever trick which sees us to split sensitive information into a separate list, which is then locked down to a specific set of users. The lists are then linked via a lookup column, allowing the entire team only visibility of the core list, but the Site Owners can view the sensitive information AND the core information within the second list.

To finish the demo, we will then use audience targeting to hide navigation link to the core list from the Site Owners, so that they don’t also see the unnecessary core list in the Quick Launch Bar. There’s no need to hide the second list’s link from the rest of the team – security trimming will do it’s job here, as it will hide links to any lists or libraries to which the current user has no permissions.

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