*VIDEO* Change the SharePoint Site Members Group from ‘Edit’ to ‘Contribute’

*VIDEO* Change the SharePoint Site Members Group from 'Edit' to 'Contribute'

Since 2013, the default SharePoint Site Members permissions group has had the ‘Edit’ permission level assigned, rather than ‘Contribute’, as it was prior to SharePoint 2013.

‘Edit’ not only allows users to manage the content within the site’s lists and libraries, but also create, edit and delete the lists and libraries themselves. Since most organisations don’t provide comprehensive training to their end users, it’s often not advisable to empower them with such permissions, as this could result in new lists and libraries which don’t meet your governance requirements, or valuable lists and libraries being deleted, therefore negatively impacting efficiency.

In this video, we’ll see how to change the permission level associated with the Site Members group of a standard (non-group connected) Team Site, and also Office 365 Group-connected Team Sites in SharePoint Online.

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