*FREE WEBINAR* Adopting Office 365: Turn End Users into Great Collaborators

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“Why aren’t we collaborating?” Ever wish that if your teams would just embrace the collaborative potential of the great Office 365 digital tools you’ve given them, it would make a huge difference to your productivity and your end customers?

The focus of this free one hour webinar is getting teams working positively and confidently using their digital toolset. What is a business conversation, and how to generate one? The different modes of collaboration, and why they’re important.Connecting the tools to business practices and processes. How do we track success? All with the aim of better contributing to the organisation’s customer outcomes and business goals.

In this FREE 90-minute webinar, brought to you by our collaboration partner Innosis, you’ll find out what makes collaboration tick, and how to get the most from your Office 365 toolset.Friday 11 August 2017, 11am AEST

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