*VIDEO* SharePoint Online’s New List & Library Experience

SharePoint Online Modern Lists Slide

As you may or may not know, Microsoft are rolling out an updated “modern” list and library interface to Office 365 customers, as well as updating the Site Contents page and Recycle Bin.  

In this video, we take you through the evolution of the list and library experience in SharePoint, finishing with an in-depth look at SharePoint Online’s new experience.

You may already have become familiar with some aspects of the new list and library experience, as is has been applied to your OneDrive libraries for a few months already, but has only more recently started to impact lists and libraries within teamsites and other areas of SharePoint Online.

And don’t worry if your SharePoint Online lists and libraries are still using the “classic” experience – Microsoft are gradually rolling out these changes region by region, list/library template by list/library template.

It may also be the case that the new experience is available in your region, however your Office 365 tenant administrator has decided not to activate this by default across all your organisation’s sites, as there may be a plan in place to roll it out systematically in order to ensure users are provided with the relevant training beforehand, so that they don’t log in one day and receive a shock!

This video is an ideal way to provide users who are familiar with the classic SharePoint list and library experience – be it through SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online – with the update to their skills which will allow them to seamlessly move to the new, modern experience.


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