*VIDEO* Get the full SharePoint List & Library Experience through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic addition to the Office 365 repertoire, enabling users to collaborate on information pulled from many relevant information sources through a clean, easy to use interface.

The main downside at the moment, is that Teams only automatically pulls files from the default ‘Documents’ library, and even when we add further libraries, we get a cut-down version of the functionality we experience when accessing the library through SharePoint in our web browser.

This video demonstrates how to add not only libraries, but also SharePoint lists, into Teams, with the full set of features we expect through our browser.

So here’s the steps:

  1. Once you have connected your Office 365 Group – and therefore SharePoint site – to Microsoft Teams, navigate to the appropriate list, library, or folder within your web browser.
  2. Copy the URL of the list, library or folder.
  3. Within Microsoft Teams, select the appropriate Channel within your Team, and add a tab.
  4. Make sure you choose to add a ‘Website’, NOT a ‘Document Library’.
  5. Enter a Tab name for the new tab – the name of the list, library or folder is likely to make the most sense.
  6. Past the copied URL.
  7. Click ‘Save’, and voila!

And here’s the video:

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