Project Type: SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Site Collection Administrator

Microsoft Sharepoint Training by 3grow

Course Code: SPOSCA Duration: 1 Day Audience: End-users Site Collection Administrator Overview This course builds on knowledge gained through our SharePoint for Power Users course, taking attendees through the key aspects involved in successfully managing SharePoint Site Collections. Site Collection Administrator Prerequisites This course is… Continue Reading “SharePoint Site Collection Administrator”

SharePoint 2013 Site Management

sharepoint 2013 site owner training sharepoint site owner training sharepoint 2013 site administrator training sharepoint site administrator training Course Code: SP2013SMT Duration: 2 days Audience: End-users Overview This course is designed to build on the attendees’ existing contributor level knowledge in order to provide… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013 Site Management”

SharePoint 2013 Collaboration for End Users

sharepoint 2013 end user training sharepoint end user training sharepoint 2013 contributor training sharepoint contributor training Course Code: SP2013COL Duration: 2 days Audience: End-users Overview Attendees will leave at the end of this course with an understanding of the role SharePoint plays within an… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013 Collaboration for End Users”

Nintex Workflow 2016/2013

Nintex workflow course Nintex workflow 2013 course Nintex workflow 2016 course Course Code: NWF2016 Duration: 3 days Audience: End-users Overview This 3-day course covers everything you need to know in order to install and use Nintex Workflow 2016/2013, whether you are new to the… Continue Reading “Nintex Workflow 2016/2013”

Nintex Forms & Mobile 2016/2013

Course Code: NFM2016 Duration: 1 day Audience: End-users Overview Nintex Forms 2016/2013 makes it easy to create and complete engaging forms in the browser without the need for code. This course begins with an Introduction to Nintex Forms, explaining where forms can be created… Continue Reading “Nintex Forms & Mobile 2016/2013”

SharePoint 2013 Administrator

Course Code: SP2013ADM Duration: 5 days Audience: Administrators Overview This SharePoint 2013 Administrator course is designed for Administrators who are new to SharePoint Server Administration, or who are upgrading from previous versions of SharePoint but with limited knowledge of the previous products. Prerequisites Prior… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013 Administrator”

SharePoint 2013: Updating Skills for Developers

Course Code: SP2013DVU Duration: 3 days Audience: Developers Overview This SharePoint 2013 Developer course is design for Developers who have been involved with developing SharePoint 2010 implementations already, or just want to get an idea of what is new to SharePoint in this version from… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013: Updating Skills for Developers”

SharePoint 2013 Developer

Course Code: SP2013DEV Duration: 5 days Audience: Developers Overview Thorough education is key to working with SharePoint 2013 productively. This course guides you through essential 2013 elements, from pre-requisites to system integration, giving you the skills to work confidently and leverage full value from… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013 Developer”

SharePoint 2013 for Power Users

sharepoint 2013 power user training sharepoint power user training sharepoint 2013 power user course sharepoint power user course Course Code: SP2013PEU Duration: 4 days Audience: End-users   Download PDF Outline Overview This course incorporates all of the modules from our SharePoint 2013 Collaboration for… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013 for Power Users”

Nintex Workflow, Forms & Mobile 2016/2013

Course Code: NWFFM Duration: 4 days Audience: End-users Download PDF Outline Overview The first 3 days of this course cover everything you need to know to install and use Nintex Workflow 2016/2013, whether you are new to the product or already have some experience… Continue Reading “Nintex Workflow, Forms & Mobile 2016/2013”