SharePoint Site Collection Administrator

Microsoft Sharepoint Training by 3grow
Course Code: SPOSCA
Duration: 1 Day
Audience: End-users

Site Collection Administrator Overview

This course builds on knowledge gained through our SharePoint for Power Users course, taking attendees through the key aspects involved in successfully managing SharePoint Site Collections.

Site Collection Administrator Prerequisites

This course is aimed at delegates that have completed the SharePoint for Power Users course or have previous equivalent experience with SharePoint Online or on-premises versions of SharePoint. The course is designed for Power Users who will be managing top-level Sites within SharePoint Online (Office 365), SharePoint 2016 (on premises) or SharePoint 2013 (on premises).

Module 1: Introduction to Site Collection Administration

This module introduces Site Collections within a SharePoint deployment, the topology of SharePoint Sites, and discusses the importance of site model planning. The module also overviews the agenda for the rest of the course.

  • Course overview and agenda
  • Introduction to Site Collections for SharePoint
  • Site Collection Administrative Tools

Module 2: General Tools and Options

Site Collection Administrators, as part of the initial design, need to configure general options and settings such as consistent navigation, Recycle bin settings, activating features, managing templates, uploading user solutions, and creating help options.

  • General Options
  • Navigation Options
  • Managing the Galleries
  • Help Collections
  • Site Collection Upgrade

Module 3: Content Management

SharePoint provides Site Collection Administrators with many tools to manage content, such as content publishing, caching and Managed Metadata and Taxonomy.

  • Web Content Publishing
  • Master Page Gallery
  • Output caching and cache profiles
  • Variations
  • Content and Structure
  • Term Store Management
  • Entering Managed Metadata

Module 4: SharePoint Search Settings

Search in SharePoint provides Site Collection Administrators with more options enabling them to exercise more control over search results. This allows the administrator to configure Search to align with the needs and culture of the people using the SharePoint sites.

  • Introduction to Search
  • Understanding Search Schema
  • Create and Manage Result Sources
  • Manage Result Types
  • Manage Search Settings
  • Search Center Sites

Module 5: SharePoint Policies and Auditing

SharePoint has many options for maintaining governance with regards to controlling the lifecycle of documents and items within Lists, as well as configuring Auditing options for logging specific actions taken on content for legal compliance reporting. Since SharePoint 2013, there has been the capacity to create Site Policies, allowing administrators to manage the retention and deletion of sites.

  • Introduction to Site Collection Policies
  • Create Site collection Policies
  • Site Collection Content Type Policies
  • Export and Import Site Collection Policies
  • Modify Site Collection Policy Settings
  • Site Policies
  • Auditing

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