Office 365 Administrator

Office 365 Administrator Training by 3grow
Course Code: O365ADM
Duration: 3 days
Audience: Administrator/IT Pro

Office 365 Administrator Prerequisites

This course is designed for Administrators who need to setup, configure and manage SharePoint Online as part of their Office 365 Administration. As a minimum requirement for this course, delegates need to have a basic understanding of Office 365 and its associated apps. Delegates also need a basic understanding of PowerShell.

At Course Completion

What is included in the Office 365 Administrator Course?
The student will take away the following objectives:

  • Understand the architecture of SharePoint Online
  • Have knowledge of all the components in SharePoint Online
  • Have on hands on experience configuring the components of SharePoint Online
  • Have hands on experience configuring the options
  • Work with Site Collections and storage options
  • Manage user profiles and social profiling
  • Understand and configure data connectivity in SharePoint Online
  • Build a taxonomy structure
  • Understand and configure Search in SharePoint Online
  • Configure and deploy apps
  • Understand and define Enterprise content management and data loss prevention.
  • Configure additional options and features in SharePoint Online such as Information Rights Management

Office 365 Administrator Lessons

  • Introduction to the Office 365 Administration Center
  • Configure Reporting
  • Accessing SharePoint management tools
  • Accessing security and compliancy
  • Managing Office 365 and SharePoint Online with PowerShell
  • Comparing On Premises SharePoint with SharePoint Online
  • User identity in Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Managing user domains
  • Building Hybrid scenarios
  • OneDrive and Sites redirection
  • Yammer redirection
  • Understand hybrid search
  • Hybrid business data connectivity
  • Hybrid taxonomy

Office 365 Administrator Outline

Lab 1

  • Create a new account
  • Create a new Office 365 Trial
  • Install Azure Active Directory PowerShell
  • Install SharePoint Online Management Shell
  • Create test users
  • Install Office 2016 on to your client
  • Describe the key components of SharePoint Online
  • Navigate Office 365 and SharePoint Admin Centres
  • Understand identity management
  • Understand how to manage the environment in PowerShell
  • Understand hybrid scenarios

Module 1: Introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint Online

  • The Office 365 Administrator Center
  • Compare SharePoint on Premises with SharePoint Online
  • User identity in Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Hybrid SharePoint capabilities
  • Migration options to SharePoint Online

Module 2: Working with Site Collections

  • Understanding the topology of Site Collections
  • Creating Site Collections
  • Defining ownership and security for Site Collections
  • Configuring Storage
  • Configure External Access to Site Collections
  • Recovering Site Collections
  • Configuring External Sharing
  • Managing Site Collections with PowerShell

Module 3: Managing User Profiles

  • Define custom user properties
  • Create Audiences
  • Manage Policies
  • Configuring Trusted My Site host locations
  • Managing My Site Settings

Module 4: Manage Business Connectivity Services

  • Overview of the Business Connectivity Services
  • Importing and Configuring BDC definition files
  • Configure Connections to OData services online
  • Configure Connections to OData services to On-Premises
  • Defining Secure Store target Application Settings

Module 5: Managing the Term Store

  • Configuring Term Store Administration
  • Building and Importing Term Sets
  • Working with terms

Module 6: Configuring Search

  • Configure Managed Properties in the search schema
  • Manage Authoritative Pages
  • Configure Result sources
  • Promote results through Query Rules
  • Removing Search results from the Index
  • Export and Import Search Configurations

Module 7: Configuring Apps (Add-Ins)

  • Create and configure an App Catalog
  • Adding Apps via the store
  • Manage licenses
  • Configure Store access settings
  • Monitoring Apps

Module 8: ECM in SharePoint Online

  • Components of ECM
  • In-Place Records Management
  • The Records Center
  • The Compliancy Policy Center
  • The eDiscovery Center
  • Data Loss Prevention

Module 9: Manage Options for SharePoint online

  • Configure OneDrive features
  • Define List and library experience
  • Configure use of Yammer of Newsfeeds
  • Configure Information rights management
  • Define new Site classification options
  • Enable early release of Office 365 features

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