LiveTiles Design for SharePoint

Course Code: LIVETILES
Duration: 1 Day
Audience: End-users


This 1 day class is designed to show LiveTiles users why and how to use LiveTiles. The class starts at the beginning with an overview of the LiveTiles product introducing the key features and how they relate to SharePoint.
Next we install the product and move on to the practical side of LiveTiles where we spend most of the day creating pages and presenting page content including videos and social information from Facebook and other sources.
The class also includes three hands on labs where students will get the chance to use LiveTiles with support from the instructor.


You do not need any previous experience of SharePoint or web site design to attend this class
This class is appropriate for anyone that intends to use LiveTiles in either SharePoint online for Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 on premises.

Module 1: LiveTiles building blocks (product fundamentals and philosophy)

  • LiveTiles Features
  • LiveTiles and SharePoint
  • LiveTiles is NOT
  • Support and Ideas

Module 2: Installation (architecture)

  • Installation Pre-requisites
  • LiveTiles Infrastructure
  • Activate a Site Collection
  • On-premise vs. Office 365
  • License Registration
  • Applying upgrades

Module 3: Building your first page

  • LiveTiles Security Groups
  • Design Interface
  • Page Settings
  • Fixed Width vs. Responsive Page design
  • Building a Traditional Page
  • Building for mobile
  • Building a Responsive Page

Module 4: Options to enhance your pages

  • Common Tile Settings
  • Layers
  • Tile Review including:

– Accessories
– Documents
– Feeds
– Links
– Lists
– Media
– People
– Social
– SharePoint Web Parts

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