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Office 365 Groups & Microsoft Teams, 1-Day Online Course
Sep 24 2020 @ 9:30 am – Apr 26 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Office 365 Groups & Microsoft Teams, 1-Day Online Course

* Please note that this is an online course, delivered remotely by a live instructor *

Course Code: O365GRTM

Duration: 1 Day


Over many years, we have come to understand and love a suite of Microsoft products including products like Outlook and Excel; most of these products have been with us for over ten years and often make the work we do possible.

Office 365 has introduced a range of new products causing much excitement and more than a little confusion. This class will help you to understand two of these newer products, Office 365 Groups and Teams.

We cover the specific details of how to use Groups and Teams, while also looking at the bigger picture to help you understand how you might use them in the real world to improve the way you share files and communicate as a business.

Finally, we discuss the administration process for Groups and Teams, with a review of the management options including security and controlling who can use the tools.

Module 1: Office 365 the Bigger Picture

To provide context to the use and benefits of Office 365 Groups and Teams we need to start with a brief introduction to Office 365. Here we discuss the other major components of Office 365 including Mail, Skype for Business and SharePoint. By realising the limits of these we can start to understand the benefits of Groups and Teams.

* Overview Office 365

* Other communication tools in Office 365

* Browser, client and mobile apps

Module 2: Getting Started with Groups

Now we look at Office 365 Groups in detail, everything from who can create them to daily usage scenarios and limitations. Groups can be accessed from Outlook or a web browser so we will demonstrate both.

* What is a Group?

* Create a Group

* Delete a Group

* Browse Groups

* Use groups from Outlook and the web browsers

* Group Membership (Join and Leave)

* Conversations

* Email a Group

* Files and Notebook

* Planner

* Connectors

Module 3: Getting Started with Teams

Next we look at Teams in detail, again starting with how to create them and including specific usage scenarios. There is some overlap between Group and Teams so here we will focus on what is unique to Teams.

* What is a Team?

* Create a new Team

* Use Teams from the Browser and Client Tools

* Activity and Chat

* Channels and Tabs

* Meetings

* Files

* Delete a Team

Module 4: Groups vs Teams

During modules two and three you have seen how to use Office 365 Groups and Teams, next we compare the two tools to help you decide when it is appropriate to use each, based on criteria such as the type or work being performed and the experience of the users involved.

* Benefit of Office 365 Groups

* Benefit of Teams

* Business Scenarios for comparison

Module 5: Group and Team Administration

Now that you have seen how Groups and Teams are used, the final thing you need to know is how to manage them. This will include how to delete and monitor using Office 365 management tools. We will also discuss how to configure the administration setting to ensure Groups and Teams are optimised for your company.

* Office 365 Admin

* Delete a Group