Free Webinar: Document Generation using Microsoft Power Automate

Training diagram
During this webinar, we will demonstrate how to automate the creation of documents using Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), including approval and conversion to PDF. The resulting file can then be submitted to your organisation’s Intranet or sent to a customer via DocuSign, for example – all completely automated!

We will be using a SharePoint list as the data source, however the same process will apply if you’re using an alternate database, such as SQL, Excel, Dataverse (formerly the Common Data Service), etc. 

This demonstration relies heavily on SharePoint content types, specifically utilising Quick Parts within a Microsoft Word template. If you’re not already familiar with these topics, it’s recommended that you check out the following videos prior to joining the webinar:

Content Types Are Not Dead

Adding a Content Type’s Metadata into its Document Template

We look forward to hosting you on 3rd September!

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